13 Ağustos 2013 Salı

Live This Action Defense zone 2 HD

The new, captivating levels are significantly all the more staggering and amazing. New weapons have been included, in addition to new adversaries, and considerably more activity and strategies.
The game backs four dialects: English, Russian, French and German.
The amusement settings are equalized to meet the objectives of diverse players. Provided that you need to test your abilities and method, you can play the troublesome level. Provided that you are simply playing for the sake of entertainment, then pick simple or medium level.
More amazing mixed bag of weaponry and scene sorts gives you colossal flexibility in picking your fight strategies. Pick the right weapon sort and position to determine your barrier is adequate. Airstrikes and the probability of briefly expanding weapon force can give you the point of interest, and ensure you will never get exhausted in the fight methodology.

Heyzap underpin permits posting all level brings about a solidified database. You can measure up your abilities with different players and flaunt your best score.

This is not publicizing, Heyzap, you can cripple in the alternatives menu.

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